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News From The Pine Tree

January 6, 2020

Happy New Year!!

I saw this Quilting Schedule on Facebook the other day and thought you would enjoy it!

Quilting Schedule

Buy Fabric - Today

Cut Fabric - Later

Sew Quilt - Eventually

Bind Quilt -HAHAHA

I think all of us have been here and done that!

 In June The Pine Tree will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

My mind has been racing in planning some new events, classes, activities and special events for you.  I shall once again be at the Three Rivers Quilt Show at the Meadows in May and hope to be at some of the other area shows.  I hope to get a class list out soon, but I need to schedule the fellowship hall at Rogersville.   This week's newsletter will tell you about "Fabric of the Week" details that I think will interest you!

Fabric of the Week!

Each week I shall select two (2) fabrics for Fabric of the Week.  One of the fabrics will be one that has been in the shop for a while and the other one will be one of my newer fabrics.  The fabric that has been in the shop for a while will be available that week for $5.00 per yard with a requirement of a minimum purchase of 1 yard.  The new fabric will be on sale that week for 15% off.  A picture of the new fabric can be found on the website as Red Antique Flower.

Each Tuesday morning at 9 I shall post pictures of the fabric available for the week on my Facebook page.  ( I messed up this week and the posting went out on Sunday night, but I shall post again on Tuesday!)  To get to my page just type Pine Tree Quilt Shop Waynesburg, PA in your Google search and the site should come up.  Click on that and you will be able to view the samples.  A picture of the new fabric can be found on the web-site as "Red Antique Flower".

Try Something New....

You may know about this blog site, but I just found it the other day.  The blog is sponsored by the American Quilter's Society.  Some of the areas at their web-site are for members only, but the blog is available to all.  This is the one I really was interested in the other day..."25 Nine-Patch Quilting Designs".  I know one of the things we always think about after we create our quilt is "how should I quilt this".  This blog will show you 25 ways to use a quilt design for a nine-patch design. There are also other blogs on other quilting designs that you can research.  Here is what you

OK enough for now.  I will send you a brief Newsletter next Monday so you will know what is going on.


If you have any questions just contact the shop at 724-833-9147 or email me at