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Pine Tree Quilt Shop

News from the Pine Tree

It's Monday!

Have you heard this saying..."If it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all!"  Well that is what it felt like on Thursday at the shop.  I opened up and was just going about my business of getting the lights turned on and the door unlocked when I went into the cutting room and saw water on the floor.  Well, friends, I must admit I stood there with my mouth opened and wondered what was going on.  We had had heavy rain in Waynesburg on Wednesday so I immediately thought the roof had leaked.  But when I looked at the ceiling I could see it was dry.  The water was clear and then it dawned on me...the hot water tank.   I called my landlord and sure enough that is what it was.  He got the water turned off and then I began calling in the infantry.  Randy, Gary, Lorena, Connie and I were able to get things in order.  (Great time for Karen and Bob to be in Virginia...LOL).  Now the good news....we caught the leak before the 30 gallon tank completely emptied and through it all only 5 bolts of fabric got wet.  We were able to get those dry and there was no further damage to fabric.  So I had a little bad luck, but many blessings in my friends and the limited damage.  For all I am thankful.  

I am not sure if I will be open on Tuesday, August 20 due to the water pressure in the shop.  This is another water issue, but this one will not allow me to have a bathroom.  I should know more today and I shall post on Facebook in the morning whether I shall be open tomorrow.

New Product--Terial Magic

In May when I was at the Three Rivers Quilt Guild Show at the Meadows, a customer asked me if I carried "Terial Magic".  I told her I had read about it, but the distributor I used was out of stock and mine was on backorder.

Terial Magic is finally available at the Pine Tree for $12.95 for a 16 oz spray bottle.

Let's see what this product does.  Terial (material) Magic is a liquid stabilizer that transforms fabric into a paper-like material that won't fray when cut. (This is from the  This stabilizer gives you fray-free edges for smooth sewing, shift-free piecing for accurate quilting, color printing on fabric with home  printers without freezer paper, perfect machine embroidery--no stabilizer needed!, and crisp, clean sharp die or electronic cut that won't fray way.

Well, we had to try this product.  I asked my friend Randy to test a couple of these methods.  She texted me, "I am a Terial Magic believer!"  Randy made two samples of everything: one using Terial Magic and one without.  The first thing she tried was using some of her built in embroidery stitches.  We all have tried these and may have been disappointed because they didn't come out a smooth as we wanted them.  In the sample using Terial Magic they did.  Next she used a design on her embroidery machine.  She stabilized one and just used the Terial Magic on the second one.  Truthfully, I was surprised by the results.  The Terial Magic did a great job.  And the last thing she tried was to run samples through her die cutter.  Again the results were great!  The only thing we did not try was to run a sample through the copier without freezer paper.

Even though this product transforms your fabric into a paper-like material, IT WASHES OUT!  So after the project is completed the fabric will return to it's regular softness.  I think this will be great when you are cutting out applique pieces! 

OK I am finished for this week.  Next week I will send you information about a couple of quilt shows in our area.

Have a sew-sew week,
Linda and Tess